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Interlocks and annuciator panel DCh entries

Organization at LAB

We are three EPICS users and developers (Gas + Environemental + HV) is one SUN station with 3 X-terminals enough ?? Who is providing the SUN station ?? In any case we need at least 3 ethernet connections close one to each other for X terminals. Who provides the color X terminals ??

2. Even if it is obvious we have to install all our 4 racks in the LAB. The drawing showing how they are and their dimensions is on our gas web page ( will be soon !). The racks can not be separated and have to be placed as a whole.

3. We need a full locked cupboard to store all our tools and spare equipement. Later this one moves to the gas shack. 4. As in the shack we need : - 4.5 KVA 110Volts 60Hz for our electrical equipement - Compressed air ~ 4 bars for the pneumatic valves All this should be available by middle of may.

Refrigeration system

Two water refrigeration chillers will be used for the chamber: both provide cool water in a circuite with negative pressure. The second should also provide control features to keep the end-plates at constant temperature.

The two chillers have RS232 communication capabilities. A GMB with a serial interface is being developed and should provide the connection to the chillers via the CAN bus.

The EPICS record names to be used are the following:

record name
read bath temperature DCH::COOL:CHL_i:B_T
set nominal bath temperature DCH::COOL:CHL_i:B_TWR
read bath temparature set point DCH::COOL:CHL_i:B_TRD
test interface DCH::COOL:CHL_i:IFTST

i goes from 1 to 2 (we should have two chillers)