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Padova 20 December 2000


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Coordinamento Analisi 20010126

Riunione BaBar Italia 17-01-2002

The BaBar DCH


Local Information and Publications

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Administrative Items

Useful documents:

  • BBSIMhypertext manual.
  • BBSIM codingguidelines.
  • BBSIM input cards.
  • BEGET inputcards
  • LSF Users quick reference guide
  • The GNA Virtual C++Course .
  • The CN Fortran 90 tutorial .

  • PDG online

    PDG Particle Data Group WWW page

    Other access points:

  • INFN - Padova home page
  • ZEUS - Padova home page

  • Phone directories:

    l'elencodei telefoni di Fisica a Padova
    phonebookdell'INFN che usa X500
    Phonebookdel CERN con numero di uffici ed indirizzi E-mail.